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remy hair extensions and hair weaves
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Remy Bonded Hair Extensions & Weaves

At Jade Salon, our expert provides the newest and best technology available in hair extensions and weaves. Our micro-link hair extension method is the most preferred by hair stylists and clients. This system does not use any glue or heat or sewing to install. This service lasts for months! This method requires an experienced stylist to install individual hair extensions by attaching a small flat micro link at the "root" to fasten the hair extension in. This link is matched to the desired hair color and goes unnoticeable and is very comfortable to wear. And best of all as your hair grows it can be easily adjusted approximately every 6 weeks and new hair is not required.

Glue extensions can be painful and messy to remove and can damage your hair in the process. Our system saves you time and money.

And in our opinion is the best!

We provide the best 100% natural human hair on the market. Our hair is Remy Indian hair. This hair simply means the hair cuticle has not been disturbed, and all fixed in the same direction. This higher quality Remy hair will tangle much less, looks more natural and last much longer because of the quality. Indian hair is considered the best hair, because it is thin and strong, softer than Asian hair, and stronger than European hair.

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